Brief Political Musings & Book Hauls

Starting this summer, I’d like to add two new segments of blog posts. The first, called ‘brief political musings’, will include a string of writings in which I provide commentary on certain aspects of U.S politics that range from unbearable to, well, unbearable. I will post a simple paragraph or two that draws attention to things all over the political spectrum—once a month.

The second branch, called “Book hauls” are very similar to clothing hauls—hauls that all the cool people do—where they buy a bunch of stuff from a particular clothing brand, try them on, and create a video or blog post about how much they love their new outfits. But, naturally, I’m far too nerd-like and definitely not fashionable enough to make one of those (note: currently wearing ten dollar, basic blue jeans from Old Navy and a “Venturing” t-shirt. I’m so nerd-like that I’m a girl and I’m in an organization directly affiliated with Boy Scouts. You may also imagine my very notable bi-weekly boy scouts uniform that I get to wear. Can you see it? Absolutely glamorous). These posts will be similar, but instead I will talk about the books I’ve read, and I will talk about how much I absolutely love, love, love them. I will, of course, provide loose analyses and reviews of each one as well. These will be seasonal, that is, per semester, when I read lots of books.

I know that the title of this site is Kyah Probst: Multi-disciplinary Artist, so I’m prepared to pepper in some new work, or, if you want me to be more detailed, sporadically add large blocks of artistic content and other creative junk because I’ve neglected to consistently create things. (Ah, yes, the action that defines my worth. Or doesn’t, if you’ll wait for my next book haul.)

If you’re new to this site, feel free to look around and visit some art, photography, and my latest series of essays involving interviews with local home-schoolers across St. Louis (See: A Homeschool Exploration). If you’re feeling truly interested, you can subscribe to this blog, and stay tuned, in order to be the first to view and purchase products with my art on it in the very near future (there may even be special discounts involved!)




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